We’ve had a lot of people asking if we were going to be remaining open. At the moment our plan is to remain open until Friday and then reassess where things are then. It’s a quandary for us as we just want to do what’s best for all, the health of our staff and customers is paramount but we would also like help out in any which way we can, be it with protective PPE or a tool to fix a home emergency.

We will remain open for now but with a reduced staffing level and we would ask anybody coming in to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. If there’s more than two people inside then please take the chance to have a look at our famous window displays outside in the meantime.

We are obviously still running the “Park, Phone, Receive” initiative, anything you need just give us a phone and we can bring it out to you, think of it as a very unappetising takeaway.

We have also decided to subsidise and lower the postage levels on our website, basically it means that for anything you require you should only have to pay a maximum postage of £2.50, cheaper and cleaner than getting the bus down to see us! Please note that processing and delivery of orders may take slightly longer than normal and that any delivery times quoted on the website are for during normal times and not the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in 

Anyway, thank you again to everyone for their custom and we hope to see you all again soon when this is all over. Stay safe!