51pc HSS Engineers Precision Drill Bit Set

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51 PC Hi Quality 135Î_‰ۡÝ_? Split Point Fully Ground HSS Drill Set 0.1 Increments Made from 6542 Steel. This is the very best grade of HSS steel. True engineering quality. This set of drill pieces have been fully precision ground and heat treated for extra strength and durability. Fully ground bits are machined from a single metal bar and are far better that a normal rolled or twisted drill bit. These have a long lasting working capacity and use an aggressive 135_ Split Point Design. This set also comes with handy bespoke metal carry case so you can keep them organised in their correct and tidy positions. Specifications 51Pc HSS Drill bits, sizes are: 1 to 6mm in 0.1 increments Precision ground Long-lasting working capacity 135_ Split point design 6542 HSS Steel Engineering quality Metal case