Fisco 8M/26FT Brick Mate Measuring Tape BMC08


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A specialist tape measure designed to aid professional bricklayers in their work. The unique blade design accurately calculates brick and block quantities and course heights, plus there is a conventional metric scale, which is accurate to EC Class I, for general measuring. Use the Brick-Mate for any bricklaying job - big or small - it will save time, effort and money.

Unique blade design* with three scales to calculate brick & block quantities and course heights, along with a conventional metric scale accurate to EC Class I.
Made in Britain.
Bright, ergonomic ABS case with non-slip rubber grip pad.
Easy-to-operate positive action lock, minimising blade slip.
Bump stop for added blade and end-hook protection.
Unique snap-in quick-release belt clip holster.
* The unique Brick Mate blade scale is designed for UK brick and block sizes).