Luban Block Plane


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Qiangsheng Tools are expert woodworking tool manufacturers based in China's Zhejiang Province. The quality of their tools makes them legitimate alternatives to the traditional, premium makers from the US. The Qiangsheng made “Luban" tools are quickly becoming an extremely popular choice in the woodworking trade due to the quality of materials used and their exceptional level of finish. 

These planes feature a solid cast iron body with a precision machined sole and wings. The lever cap is solid bronze and the blade is 3mm thick high carbon steel. Used for working with end grain.

Material of body: iron 
Material of blade:T10 
Hardness of blade : 59-63 
Material of lever cap:Bronze 
Degree of blade cutting edge:25 degree 
Degree of blade with sole:20 degree 
Weight: 860g 
Size: 160mm*45mm* 63mm