Stanley 10M FatMax Xtreme Measuring Tape (Metric Only) 0-33-897


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Mylar coated blade provides 10 times more resistance to abrasion than a lacquered blade, which will increase the life of the tape and reduce wearing away of digits on most used sections of the tape.

All Stanley tapes comply with European class II standards. This means the maximum permissible tolerance over 3 metres is less than a millimetre.

Continuous surface along whole length.This increases strength and gives users the ability to mark out over longer lengths.

Blade armour on the first 6‰ۡó»‰?ó» of the bladereduces the risk of breaking the tape by 95% and helps increase the life of the product by protecting the part of the tape that receives most wear when the blade is retracted.

150% larger end hook securely holds to all building materials, including rounded or odd shaped items and makes it easier to work alone as less need for someone to hold the other end of the tape. Also allows the tape to easily hook on sideways without it collapsing.

True zero end hookcan move independently of the tape by up to the thickness of the hook. This means when measuring up to an object the hook moves in to compensate for the thickness of the hook allowing it to remain accurate.

32mm wide bladeprovides greater rigidity and allows for up to a 4m blade standout making it easier to use when working alone, especially if measuring vertically. Also the tape can be flipped over and the greater rigidity allows it to be used to mark out straight lines with a pencil.

High visibility blade,providing large, easy to read graphics it makes it easier to use accurately in low light conditions.

Bi-material caseprovides greater comfort when using for long periods and also increases its durability if dropped.

Airlock slide lockmakes it easier and more reliable to retract the tape and lock it in position.

Belt clipallows the tape to be easily stored close to hand, for repetitive tasks throughout the day.